Positional Release Therapy
“It’s like magic, pain-free and effective!”  That's what
my clients are saying about
Positional Release
 PRT is a unique, pain-free method of restoring
normal balance and function to muscles. PRT techniques
are very effective in treating pain due to injury, stress,
repetitive strain, postural distortion and chronic
neuromuscular conditions. Developed by an Osteopathic
Doctor, Dr Lawrence Jones, this amazing therapy is
The results can be immediate and complete relief from pain, improved mobility,
and increased energy flow throughout the body.  

Common problems such as twisted or tilted pelvis, rotator cuff syndrome, sciatica, whiplash
and thoracic outlet syndrome are treated through gentle repositioning, cradling and
supporting the body to 'unwind' from it's neurological memory.

Positional Release Therapy is a gentle, effective treatment for chronic and acute
muscular pain, resulting in increased range of motion.  After careful observation and
evaluation of posture the affected muscles are placed in a position of comfort for 90
seconds. (When the pain vanishes from the tender point the stressed tissues are at their
most relaxed position. Positional Release Therapy achieves its benefits by means of an
automatic resetting of muscles spindles.) Relief is immediate and long lasting.

Even persistent and chronic injuries may greatly benefit from Positional Release
.  With an optimal treatment program, a lifetime of improved mobility without pain is
possible. Improve your quality of life!

                                                  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.
                                                                   You may schedule a one hour,
                                                                      90-minute or 2-hour session.
You don't have to live with
chronic muscular Pain
Therapeutic Massage -
Positional Release Therapy
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Detailed Summary of Positional Release Therapy

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Treatment of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction
used in physical and massage therapy to bring balance back to the body and release the pain
of chronic tender points.  I frequently hear comments like “it’s amazing . . . I got immediate
results,” or “It even worked on my chronic neck pain,”